Website Development

The world of websites is constantly evolving.  Some technologies such as Flash, have come and gone. Websites need to be able to be flexible to the changes in hardware that people use to access the web.

Along comes WordPress®.  Originally developed for bloggers, WordPress® has become a fully functioning platform for websites.  It excels in what many web experts say makes for a good website.  Simple, clean, device independent, responsive (site adjusts automatically for desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, smart phones) and fully compatible with how popular search engines populate results (SEO) and mobile friendly.  WordPress sites are also very portable, meaning that they they can easily be moved to most hosting services.  Companies like Squarespace and Wix use proprietary website builders that produce sites that cannot be hosted elsewhere, so they own your site in many ways.  With the varying degrees of screen sizes out there from smartphones to 27″ Retina display iMacs, building a non-responsive website just doesn’t make sense any more.

We don’t like to lock our clients into any specific hosting service (though we do have a working relationships with Fatcow® and inmotion hosting®), so we will only build websites utilizing WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse which pretty much only use standard open source code which means they are universally acceptable.

So, if you are in need of a clean (less is often more rule), responsive and effective website, contact us for a free consultation.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.